Media Services

Our offer

The offer is directed at all members of the University of Bremen, especially teachers. The Media Services enable the production, administration, long-term archiving and publication of video-based teaching and learning materials. For this purpose, the necessary technical infrastructure such as video platform, streaming server, film studio and mobile camera equipment is provided. Examples of video-based application scenarios are lecture recordings (Mobile Lecture), online courses (e.g. eGeneral Studies), MOOCs and blended learning (e.g. as inverted classroom).


Record and stream face-to-face events

With the Opencast system, the University of Bremen provides an infrastructure for automated recording and streaming of lectures and other events and their delivery in Stud.IP.

Greenscreen Studio

Film- and Podcast Studio

The ZMML offers three studios on the campus of the University of Bremen. The studios differ in their equipment in that they can be used for three different areas of application.

Kamera filmt Frau vor einem Bücherregal.

Producing and providing audio and video

For the production and provision of audiovisual media, the ZMML offers various options and assistance.


Scope of services

  • Consulting and support
  • Opencast: recording and streaming of lectures
  • Provision of studios in the GW2 building: greenscreen studio, podcast studio and One Button Record Studio (OBRS)
  • Video production, podcast production
  • Film and video editing
  • Creation of image films
  • Provision and maintenance of the ZMML video portal
  • Streaming of conferences and meetings
  • Video streaming
  • Video and web conferencing 

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Alexander Hillmann

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Dirk Vaihinger

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