Course Management

Participants (Stud.IP)

The participant administration in Stud.IP not only allows a wide variety of registration procedures, but participants can also be contacted individually, in groups or by "message to all". The list of participants can be imported and exported. Via the Stud.IP rights system, people can be assigned different roles within your course (e.g. as tutors).


Groups (Stud.IP)

In many situations it can be helpful to organise the participants of a course or an institution according to groups. In a course this could be:

  •  Subdivision of students according to the type of certificate (no certificate / certificate of attendance / certificate of achievement). You can then see at a glance which students have to do  special work...
  •  Subdivision of students according to task areas. In a practical course, for example, teamwork is to be promoted; for this purpose, the course is divided into "designers" and "programmers".
  •  The homework for the course is done in groups. This makes it easy to manage them and maintain an overview.

Schedule (Stud.IP)

The schedule, in which all dates of a course can be viewed, can be accessed in the course overview via the calendar symbol or in the course via the tab "Schedule".
 You can assign a theme to existing appointments in the schedule and change the event type. You also have the option of cancelling appointments.