Practice exam

Studierender am PC während einer E-Klausur

The LTS3 examination system is used for e-examinations in the test center and for online open-book examinations at home. To familiarize yourself with this system from a student's point of view, you can call up an anonymous demo exam on the online exam platform, in which you will become familiar with the system and the processing modes commonly used in online exams. In another demo exam, all current LTS3 question types are demonstrated.


  • Call up the demo exam or the demo of the actual LTS3 question types. Use an actual browser (set to english as the standard language!) and a suitable end device with sufficient display size (smartphones are unsuitable!).
  • Enter your e-mail address and request the confirmation code. Attention: The e-mail address is stored in the examination system, but can only be viewed by the ZMML. The anonymous accounts will be deleted after a few months.
  • After entering the confirmation code and clicking on "Ok", you will be taken to a declaration, which you must mark as read. Important: This declaration has no relevance for the demo exam. It is only required for online examinations at home.
  • Clicking on "Accept" takes you to the start page with different exam variants representing different exam modes (the questions are identical in each variant). You will find a german and an english version for each mode.
  • Clicking "Ready" brings up a welcome screen that provides information about the exam. Only when you click on "Start exam" (bottom right) do you enter the actual exam and the time starts running.
  • You can end the demo at any time by clicking on "Finish" and you will be returned to the home page where you can start another variant or end the demo by clicking on "Logout".
  • If you want to run the demo again later, you will need to use the link above and request a new confirmation code.

Note for students: For e-exams in the test center, you will see a login screen that asks for your semster code and student id (e.g. WS23-123456) and last name. For online exams, you will recieve individual login data in advance by e-mail or from your lecturers.

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