eGeneral Studies - Online courses

Planning, organisation and implementation of courses including examinations and student support

Our offer

eGeneral Studies (eGS) are fully video-based online courses in the Department of Complementary Studies (Fachergänzende Studien) at the University of Bremen. The offer is characterised by a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and location and is open to all interested parties.

Students at the University of Bremen and students at other universities in Bremen can earn 3 credit points for each eGS course by taking an e-exam in the test centre. With the monthly examination dates offered, students can manage their learning and examination process individually.

The online-only format reaches a large number of students and promotes heterogeneity, flexibility and family-friendliness. Continuous supervision and support for students in all organisational matters is provided by the ZMML.

Digital diversity at the university - get involved!

Are you a lecturer and would like to prepare your introductory course or parts of your undergraduate programme digitally and make them usable across departments as part of eGeneral Studies? Do you have an interdisciplinary idea for an interdepartmental digital teaching programme? Feel free to contact us at any time! We look forward to providing new and exciting insights into the diversity of the University of Bremen and beyond online.

Scope of services

  • Planning, organisation and implementation of digital courses
  • Regular examinations
  • Student support
  • Provision and maintenance of the video portal
  • Evaluation and quality assurance

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