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The Test Center is a service facility of the University of Bremen specially designed to meet the technical and organizational requirements of computer-based examinations. It has a separate registration and waiting area, a PC pool with 120 modern workstations and several technical and recreation rooms for supervisors and service personnel. With its closed server and network architecture, which is shielded from external access, the test center meets all the requirements for carrying out sensitive final examinations securely and without disruptions. The center is operated by the Center for Multimedia in Teaching.


  • Rooms
    • Test center hall (300sqm) with 120 exam seats, checkrooms, compartments for bags
    • Anteroom with registration desk, printer (on demand) and access to sanitary facilities
    • Administration and recreation room with separate examination area for appropriate disadvantage compensation, tea kitchen, printer, scanner, telephone, first-aid kit, office supplies and box with kids games.
    • Server room and storage
  • 120 exam stations with quiet desktop PCs, 24-inch monitors, privacy screens, headsets and low-noise keyboards. Webcams on demand.
  • At all places the Windows Ease of Access Center (i.e. screen magnifier, inverted colors) can be used.
  • Lecturer workstation with touch screen, media control, presentation software, Internet access, control and monitoring of workstations via Netcontrol, as well as connections for a personal notebook
  • Software: Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016, Spyder, BlueJ, Haskell, Cygwin, Emacs, Atom, R and R-Studio, PQRS and GRETL. Other software available upon request
  • Three data projectors, sound system with wireless microphone, media control system

Room plan

Site plan and directions

The test center is centrally located on the campus, Universitäts-Boulevard 14, directly adjacent to the State and University Library (SuUB).
From the stop "Universität- Zentralbereich" (tram line 6) go to the glass hall (GH) and follow the stairs to the boulevard level. There is an elevator on the right side of the glass hall, which provides barrier-free access to the boulevard. On the boulevard, keep to the right in the direction of the lecture hall building (HS). At the end of the library building (SuUB), opposite the GW2 cafeteria, you will find the entrance to the test center.
Attention: It is not possible to enter the test center directly from the library.