Legal issues

Anyone who creates and integrates digital media in teaching is confronted with a number of legal questions. Below you will find a selection of important sources of information. Even though we are not allowed or able to provide binding legal information, we are of course available to answer any questions you may have. Simply write to infoprotect me ?!elearning.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de. In urgent cases, please contact the university's Legal Office.

Since 1 March 2018, the new Urheberrechts-Wissensgesellschafts-Gesetz (UrhWissG) has come into force, which regulates the legally secure handling of copyrighted material in education and research.  Section 52a UrhG and others were dropped in favour of the new Section 60 UrhWisssG. The current practice guide „ Praxis-Leitfaden zu Rechtsfragen bei E-Learning, OER und Open Content “ by Dr. Till Kreutzer, and Tom Hirche takes into account the new legal situation with regard to the barriers to science and education under the UrhWissG.

Extensive information is provided in the Decision support copyright by Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis, LL.M.Eur. and Prof. Dr. Andree Kirchner, LL.M. (Stockholm). An introductory overview of the legally relevant topics that can come into play in the use of digital media is also provided by the video-based Online-Lehrveranstaltung Recht der digitalen Medien. This offer within the framework of eGeneral Studies can be used purely as a source of information or can be credited to the extent of 3 CP with a final examination in the test centre for the area of subject general studies.

A collection of information specifically on legal issues in e-examinations can be found at

Further information

Online portals (only in german language)

  • Entscheidungshilfe Urheberrecht: Die Entscheidungshilfe Urheberrecht für die Universität Bremen wurde im Rahmen von konstruktiv (einem Projekt der Akademie für Weiterbildung) von Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis, LL.M.Eur. und Prof. Dr. Andree Kirchner, LL.M. (Stockholm) erstellt.
  • iRightsInfo: Das wichtigste deutschsprachige Informationsportal für Fragen zum Urheberrecht und kreatives Schaffen in der digitalen Welt, darunter Häufige Fragen und Antworten zum Urherrecht für Studierende
  • Urheberrechtswiki: Fragen aus der Praxis zum Urheberrecht (LLZ, Universität Halle-Wittenberg)

Guidelines and literature (only in german language)

Videos & Podcasts (only in german language)