Study and work spaces for students

Studierende im Lernraum

Our offer

With the project "Learning and working spaces for students" we offer students of all departments an infrastructure for independent and group-based work as well as a productive presence on campus. In particular, multimedia-equipped learning rooms are provided for this purpose, which can be used by students in combination with virtual learning rooms for group and project work. Each learning island is equipped with a conference table for up to six people and a large screen including an Internet-enabled computer and a media box for connecting devices brought along. The learning islands can be searched, booked and evaluated via the learning platform (Stud.IP).

Scope of services

  • Provision and maintenance of the multimedia learning islands
  • Provision and maintenance of online tools (search, booking, assessment) in Stud.IP
  • Quality assurance
  • Further development

Further information

Informations for students

Kai Schwedes

Kai Schwedes