Co-operation project with Netzwerk der Landeseinrichtungen für digitale Hochschullehre (NeL)

Project description

In cooperation with the Network of State Institutions for Digital University Teaching (NeL, Netzwerk der Landeseinrichtungen für digitale Hochschullehre), a series of (online) events with AI qualification offers will be organised and carried out. The aim is to make the existing and future AI qualification and counselling offers of the state institutions accessible nationwide and thus to be able to offer a comprehensive qualification portfolio.

The ZMML is launching four online training events for teachers in spring 2024, focusing on different topics. The events are 90 minutes long, free of charge and take place in Zoom.

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Funding: Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (StIL)

Duration: 10/2023 – 03/2024

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Referat Lehre und Studium (Ref. 13)

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Martina Salm