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Digital teaching

Decision aid for the selection of digital tools

The decision aid offers you a way to link your own idea of learning scenarios to technical possibilities. You will be guided to suitable tools for virtual teaching via a simple exclusion procedure.


Digital tools

Here you will find more detailed information and documentation on tools for digitally supported teaching.


Media didactic tips

Here you will find general didactic tips that you should take into account when designing virtual teaching.


Online exams

We present a range of online examination formats that can be proposed to examination boards as an alternative to the current face-to-face examinations


Accessible Digital Teaching

Digital teaching is fundamentally a valuable format for diverse, inclusive teaching. Students with disabilities in particular can benefit from it. However, it also presents teachers with special challenges in designing accessible teaching and media.


FAQ - Virtual teaching

Here you will find typical questions that teachers ask regarding the transformation and transfer of existing teaching practice into a virtual format.


Chat channel for the exchange of experiences

In the Rocket.Chat of the ZfN you will find a public channel for the exchange of experiences among teachers: We are looking forward to your solutions and experiences.

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Legal questions in e-learning

Information on copyright and other legal issues in e-learning