Sustainability, Climate Justice & Health

Fahrradfahrer an der Schlachte
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Report on climate justice in Germany published for the first time

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Bolte investigates health equity in climate change impacts

Portrait Gabriele Bolte

Urban Epidemiology as an integrative approach for sustainable, health-promoting urban development

Prof. Gabriele Bolte presents strategies from the recently published paper at the ninth conference City of the future - healthy, sustainable metropolitan areas

Das Goldene Plietsch PD Dr. Guido Schmiemann, MPH

Bremen University Foundation Award "Das Goldene Plitsch" for the guideline project on climate-conscious prescription of Inhalativa

The guideline project on climate-conscious prescribing of inhalers deals with the impact of pressurized metered dose inhalers on climate change. After an evaluation by the jury and the audience, the project was awarded the 3rd prize of 5,000€

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Sozialepidemiologie| Epidemiologie des demographischen Wandels|

New research network "SalusTransform" on health-promoting urban development started

Concept development phase for the evaluation of urban development measures in Bremen, Bochum and Wuppertal