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Prof. Dr. Melanie Böckmann

Appointment to the Editorial board of BMC Global and Public Health

Melanie Böckmann appointed to the Editorial board of the journal Global and Public Health

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NEW TO THE IPP – Herfina Nababan and Lira Ramadani

The Department is growing!

Democracy. Diversity. Open-Mindedness.

Joint declaration of the Bremen research institutions united in the U Bremen Research Alliance and the State Rectors' Conference.

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Janissa Altona
Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Symposium ‘Dementia-friendly Environment in the Community – An International Perspective on Concepts and Interventions

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann and Janissa Altona from IPP at the University of Bremen presented findings from their research projects on dementia-friendly neighbourhoods at the annual meeting of the Gerontological Association of America.

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Report on climate justice in Germany published for the first time

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Bolte investigates health equity in climate change impacts

Portrait Gabriele Bolte

Urban Epidemiology as an integrative approach for sustainable, health-promoting urban development

Prof. Gabriele Bolte presents strategies from the recently published paper at the ninth conference City of the future - healthy, sustainable metropolitan areas

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20th issue of IPP-Info newly published - Launch of our new online reader survey

In focus: Gender and intersectionality in health science research

Mitglieder der Fachkommission nach Pflegeberufegesetz und Bundesgesundheitsminister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach
Qualifikations- und Curriculumforschung|

Successful completion of the 1st legislature of the expert commission under the Nursing Professions Act

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Darmann-Finck from the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research at the University of Bremen was Deputy Chairwoman for five years

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Treatment of urinary tract infection - multimodal intervention improves adherence to guidelines

PD Dr. Guido Schmiemann, Department of Health Service Research at the IPP, was involved in the research project on behalf of the University of Bremen.

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Newly published: 3rd edition of the standard work Health Technology Assessment

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Gerhardus from IPP is Co-editor

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann
Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Interdisciplinary exchange enriches: First network meeting on AI in care in Berlin

First network meeting on AI in care: areas of application, challenges and future prospects discussed by 80 people from science, practice, manufacturers and administration in Berlin.

Karin Wolf-Ostermann und Janissa Altona
Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Prof Dr Karin Wolf-Ostermann and Janissa Altona at the 33. Alzheimer Europe Conference in Helsinki, Finland

Prof Dr Karin Wolf-Ostermann and Janissa Altona from IPP at University of Bremen support the Alzheimer Europe Conference with their scientific presentations.

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Public Health-Ethik und Health Humanities|

Call for Abstracts, Students‘ Conference, Dead-line: November 15th, 2023

Health literacy and public institutions: What are the responsibilities of professional actors? We are looking for you and your poster presentation on March 4th & 5th, 2024!

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Qualifikations- und Curriculumforschung|

Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research represented at the final congress of the german quality offensive for teacher education

The final congress of the Quality Offensive for Teacher Education (QLB), took place in October 2023 in Berlin. Numerous universities presented their projects and gave an outlook on possible further developments in teacher education.

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Press release of the DGPH and the DGSMP on the planned Federal Institute for Prevention and Education in Medicine (BIPAM)

Experts plead for urgent corrections

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Public Health-Ethik und Health Humanities|

Project start: Health equity and high body weight: On the importance of empirically-informed ethics for health policy analysis.

A new research project at IPP on health equity and high body weight will start on 01.10.2023.

Das Goldene Plietsch PD Dr. Guido Schmiemann, MPH

Bremen University Foundation Award "Das Goldene Plitsch" for the guideline project on climate-conscious prescription of Inhalativa

The guideline project on climate-conscious prescribing of inhalers deals with the impact of pressurized metered dose inhalers on climate change. After an evaluation by the jury and the audience, the project was awarded the 3rd prize of 5,000€

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Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

"We want to present the methods in a way that is as action-oriented as possible and illustrated by practical examples. - Interview with Christian Spatscheck and Karin Wolf-Ostermann, authors of "social space analyses".

Expert of the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP) and Head of the Department of Nursing Care Research - Interview of Budrich publishing house on the occasion of the newly published 2nd edition on social space analyses

Hauseingang IPP

New IPP website is online

New website of the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research presents itself in a fresh design and with new content

Eine Person schreibt auf ein Flipchart.
Global Health|

Dept. of Global Health of the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research offers summer academy for Bremen School Students

Workshop "Global Health - The Importance of Health Worldwide" for Bremen School Students


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