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Uni-Guest Account

With the help of the University of Bremen's guest access system, authorized employees of the University of Bremen can create guest accounts in the self-service to enable guests to use university services.

Uni-Guest Accounts can be assigned to external persons at university events or projects. They are limited in time (max. one year), have a system-specified 8-digit account name ([abbreviation]_[number], e.g. gast_001), may not be used for commercial or private purposes, but only for non-profit or official purposes in the interest of the University of Bremen. They can be used as access to IT services such as e-mail, WiFi, cloud storage and Stud.IP. If a guest needs an account for a period longer than one year, a personal Uni-Account can be requested at the account administration.

In order to activate a Uni-Guest Account, it is necessary to store personal data of the guest who receives the Uni-Guest Account. The guest is to be informed by the host about the regulations for use of IT at the University of Bremen.

Detailed instructions for using the guest access system can be found on the website of the ZfN-Onlinetools.

Account Administration

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