The webmail appication https://webmail.uni-bremen.de offers all members of the university an easy and flexible access to your university e-mail.


Configuration of E-mail Applications

The Zentrum für Netze operates the university's central e-mail servers for all students and staff. See the following subpages for instructions on configuring common email clients.


Spam Filtering

You can setup spam filtering in the Onlinetools.

Alternatively, you can setup spam filtering in the webmail application, but note that all settings should be done either in the Onlinetools or in the Webmailer. Otherwise, the settings will overwrite each other.

Mailing Lists

The Zentrum für Netze operates a mailing list server, which is available to all members of the university. It uses the popular Mailman management software, which allows you to manage your lists using a powerful web interface.

Group E-mails

Several options exists to reach groups of people under a common e-mail address: