Name Change

Name in Identity Management

Names are always entered into the account management as they appear in the official documents (identity card, passport).

My name changed

  1. Have the name changed in the applicable databases. E.g. in the students registry (students Office), in the employees database (Referat 05) and in the phone registry (Derzernat 5). The change will propagate into the identity management automatically, though it may take up to a few weeks. You can check and verify this in onlinetools → "Ihre Daten im Identity Management ansehen" / "See your identity management data".
  2. As soon as the new name is registered in the identity management, you can generate your own e-mail alias name with your new name in onlinetools. In this way you can use a different e-mail address than the one resulting from your user name.
  3. It is not possible to change the user name.