Offline-Backup (Beta)

In addition to the central backup solution, the ZfN also offers a separate solution for business-critical data. In contrast to the central backup, the backups of the offline backup are stored in the background on separate servers that cannot be accessed from the network. The offline backup serves as an additional measure to protect data from university-wide computer attacks. In the event of an attack, the backups should enable immediate emergency operation.

The offline backup is not intended for backups of individuals but of departments, institutes and work groups. First apply for a Funktionsaccount. You can then write an informal email to Please state the functional account, the name of your division and what you would like to secure. Each account initially receives 500GB of storage space. However, the storage space can be increased upon request with a justification.

Due to the extensive security measures, the storage space for the offline backup is comparatively expensive. Therefore, please use the available storage space with care. Discuss within your department which data are necessary for operation. Do not, among other things, save complete backups of your workstation computer. If possible, only back up the user data of your application, not the application itself - it is generally easier to reinstall it. In the exceptional cases in which a very prompt resumption of operations is necessary, we recommend virtualizing the relevant applications and backing up the VM images.

The offline backup is not intended as a primary backup. The data can only be restored in the event of an emergency and will then take place in a prioritization established by us and the university management. So back up your data primarly on our central backup and the business-critical data again separately on our offline backup. A decentralized backup at your location can also be useful in order to keep the load on the central server as low as possible in the event of a disaster and thus to keep the time required for the recovery as short as possible.

Files from the ZfN services (such as logi, databases, mail) are backed up, but not on the offline backup. If you store business-critical data with the ZfN, you have to transfer it yourself to the offline backup.

Do not carry any data "out" from your division without coordinating this with the management. This applies above all to administrative staff, who should first discuss this with Referat 50.

The offline backup is accessed via SMB and SSH. To do this, access with your functional account.

You can access the offline backup via your Windows Explorer at the following address: