Role-Based Account

A Role-Based Account is an official account tied to a role or service (e.g. sharing e-mail in an office, a work group, a project or a committee). The use of Role-Based Accounts is reserved for university staff only. Other members of the university will only be granted a Role-Based Account at the account administration in justified exceptional cases upon request.

The login details may be shared with other persons, but the account holder remains responsible for the Role-Based Account. For legal reasons the account owner must know at any time who has access to the account. Private use of the account is not allowed. Superiors can request the login details of the Role-Based Account and, for example, take a look at the e-mail traffic. The ownership for a Role-Based Account can be transferred to another person.

As a rule, most of the university’s IT services can be used with a Role-Based Account. Exceptions are the IT services, where personal data can be viewed (e. g. Stud.IP) or where a direct personal reference is required. Employees can apply for a Role-Based Account in the ZfN-Onlinetools.

Account Administration

Account Administration office hours:
Tue. 09:00 - 11:00
Thu. 13:00 - 15:00
Room SFG 1340

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