Instructions to set up WLAN access under Android


Please note that the following instructions describe how to set up the Eduroam network using the CAT configuration tool.

When prompted for user data, be case-sensitive and enter your username (not an alias) including

For security reasons, the WLAN password is not the same as the password of your Uni account. Students set the
Password automatically when activating the Uni-Account, other users have to set up the WLAN password once in the onlinetools.

If you prefer manual setup, you will find manual setup instructions further down this page.

If there is a problem, please contact us by e-mail at

Note about Android permissions

The following permissions are needed:

1. Location - Access Approximate Location (network-based)

eduroam configuration details vary by participating organisation.

The application needs to know which organisation a user belongs to to install the correct ones. One of the means to find out is by comparing the device location to the location of participating organisations, and then suggesting nearby organisations on top of a list.

2. Photos/Media/Files - Read the Contents of your SD Card

The application reads the user selected config file from external storage.

3. Photos/Media/Files - Modify or Delete the Contents of your SD Card

The application saves the organisation that was selected by the user and the associated configuration details. It also retrieves those from file storage on startup.

4. Other - Connect and Disconnect from Wi-Fi

It is the core purpose of the application to do just that.

5. Other - Have Full Network Access

The application performs basic diagnosis on the connection while it is being established. For example, it finds out whether or not a IP address has been handed out after a successful authentication. Also, in the course of organisation discovery, it needs to retrieve the list of organisations and the pertinent configuration details from a server on the internet.

Step 1

First you have to download the CAT configuration tool, open the Playstore App and search for "eduroam CAT". Click on install and accept the requested access in the following dialog.

Open the newly installed "eduroam CAT" app.

Step 2

Now you have to download the configuration file for the University of Bremen. Select "University of Bremen" in the area "Konfiguration in der Umgebung" or search for it by clicking on "manuelle Suche". A pop-up window will open, select your browser here (please note that when using Google Chrome problems can occur when downloading the configuration file, in this case we advise you to change your browser).

Step 3

Your browser opens, now click on "Download your eduraom Installer" in this case Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

In the following Diaglog click on "Install configuration file".

Step 4

The "eduroam CAT" app opens again, click on Install in the dialog that appears.

Step 5

Fill out the dialog according to the picture and replace "" with the username of your Uni account with "". Under Password enter the corresponding WiFi-Password. Confirm your entry by clicking on Install.

Step 6

If the configuration was successful, all device settings are green (as shown in the figure). If a setting is not correct, it is marked red.


If no connection is established, this can have various causes:

  •     If there is no access point with the eduroam network nearby, the location must be changed.

If the problem persists, our Diagnostics page may be able to help.


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