Account types

A university account serves as authorization for access restricted IT systems and IT services (e.g. e-mail, WiFi, VPN, Stud.IP, the group administration system, the guest access system, cloud storage, network drives).

At the University of Bremen there are different types of university accounts for members, affiliates and guests, each with different privileges. The choice of account depends on the basic intention and needed access rights. For each account type the regulations for use of the University of Bremen must be observed.

The Zentrum für Netze differentiates between the following types of accounts:

Personal University Account

The personal university account provides general access to the university's IT systems and IT services, depending on access rights.


Uni-Guest Account

Uni-Guest Accounts can be created for unaffiliated persons in self-service by authorized employees of the university. They are particularly suitable for recurring events or frequent projects/working groups with a time frame of less than one year.


Role-Based Account

Role-Based Accounts are created for official purposes and designed to accommodate administrative areas and workgroups where several people need access to the same account.


Event Account

Event Accounts are used for uncomplicated, short-term (max. 14 days) access to the wireless network.