Event accounts

For all guests of the Universität Bremen, whose own college is part of the eduroam network, we offer the WLAN with the name "eduroam". The guests can log into it using their known account data and do normally not need to make any further configuration modifications ("it just works").

For those participants of events given by the Universität Bremen, who can not make use of this offer, the event organiser can request temporary Event-Accounts.

The guests do not need to install any new software for using these accounts. As a tradeoff, the transmitted data (excluding the initial authentication to the WLAN) is not encrypted by technical means. This is also pointed out on the flyer that every organiser is offered.

The accounts' lifetime is limited to at most 14 days. Guests who stay longer at the university can use these accounts as a starting help, but have to apply for a regular account at the Zentrum für Netze, providing a photo ID. Alternatively, the host can also create Uni-Guest-Accounts with a maximum duration of one year.

If you want to request Event-Accounts for your event, please send the following event details to wlan@uni-bremen.de:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Organiser at the Universität Bremen
  3. Technical contact person (including telephone number during the event and e-mail address)
  4. Timeframe
  5. Number of participants/accounts (including safty margin if appropriate)
  6. Buildings, where the event is held

We will then provide the needed amount of numbered Event-Accounts, that you can give to the participants. You will receive a flyer in German and English as a PDF file. You are responsible for recording the mapping of accounts to participants.

Should you need Event-Accounts on a regular basis, we can grant access to our web-based system, enabling you to create accounts on your own. Please inquire by mail: wlan@uni-bremen.de.

We need to point out that we can not offer local support for your guests that wawnt to use the WLAN. They have to configure their laptops on their own or - if applicable - with your support, using the flyers we provide.

In most cases, this causes no considerable effort: from the available WLAN networks, one simply chooses "Uni-Bremen". The notebook then automatically gets assigned an IP address etc. and on first visit of any site in any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari...), the guest is redirected to our login website.

Further preparations by your guests are only neccessary if their notebooks are not "prepared for travelling", for example if they never were used with WLAN or if they are configured with a static IP address (for example from the home college). That's why you should check the following list if any problems are reported:

  1. Do our Event-Accounts work in general, for example with one of your own devices? If not, please contact us!
  2. Is the guest's notebook configure for using WLAN in general, meaning it has a WLAN module (nearly all notebooks do nowadays), is the module turned on (some notebooks have a small hardware switch for that) and is the list of available networks displayed?
  3. Is the guest connected to the WLAN "Uni-Bremen"? On campus, there are several WLAN networks available, and only the aforementioned can be used for our Event-Accounts.
  4. Has the notebook been assigned an IP address from the range 172.21.x.y? If not, then it may have been configured to use a static IP address.

It is generally recommendable to have an up-to-date personal firewall and further security applications installed.