General Rules

Rules for using server rooms

In principle, all servers operated at the university are to be housed in the Green-IT Housing Center. Exceptions can be:

  • Servers in desktop or tower casings cannot be accommodated in the housing center, as they make it impossible to separate the cold and warm aisles and thus cannot ensure the best possible energy efficiency.
    If you operate servers in such casings, it has to be checked whether replacing the devices with 19-inch servers and operating them in the housing center is more economical in the medium term than operating them in decentralized server rooms.
  • New servers are - except in justified exceptional cases - always to be obtained in the 19-inch format.
  • For devices that require regular physical access, check whether a remote access console access provides a sufficient alternative. Remote access consoles are usually integrated in modern servers or can be retrofitted with external devices.
  • Specific requirements for network connectivity have to be substantiated individually.
  • The placement of very large equipment will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

It is recommended, but not obligatory

  • to equip the operated devices with two power supplies. All cabinets in the Green-IT HC have two independent power supplies, one of which is UPS-buffered. Equipped with two power supply units, the device remains in operation even if one supply line fails,
  • to provide devices with remote maintenance access (e. g. IPMI remote console with remote media) to facilitate the work of the administrators.