Password Security Notice

The Center for Networks recommends that you follow these rules to ensure maximum security around your Uni account:

  • Passwords are only issued by the ZfN upon personal appearance upon presentation of a valid official photo ID (e.g. identity card, passport, residence permit, ...). Issue by e-mail or telephone is excluded, as it is not possible to verify your identity in these ways.
  • Access data to personal accounts may never be passed on to third parties. This also applies to the transfer to so-called cloud services, such as Google Mail.
    Access data for functional accounts can be passed on for business purposes, the responsibility for use remains with the account holder.
  • Passwords must be kept secret. They must be entered covered and must not be stored unencrypted on computers. Ideally, use a password management program.

We would like to point out that negligent handling of your access data may result in consequences under service and civil law. Please note the binding user regulations for information processing systems of the university.