E-mail Client Setup


To use the central university mail server with any common email application use the following settings:

  • Incoming mail server:
    imap.uni-bremen.de port 993 with SSL or STARTTLS
  • Outgoing mail server:
    smtp.uni-bremen.de port 587 with STARTTLS

You must enable authentication using username and password.

Outlook and Thunderbird can autoconfigure based on the email address.


For common e-mail applications you can find instructions (some in german) here:

Telekom DSL: Blocking of Outgoing E-Mail

Telekom has been blocking the sending of e-mail via SMTP for some time now, especially for DSL connections with a Speedport router.

To activate the SMTP servers of the University of Bremen (here examplary for the model Speedport W724V)

  • open the router configuration page: http://speedport.ip
  • enter the device password (located on the back of the router, unless it has been changed)
  • click on "Internet" in the top menu.
  • click on "List of secure e-mail servers" in the left menu.
  • add the following server names to the list:
  • smtp.uni-bremen.de
  • smtp.zfn.uni-bremen.de

Please also refer to the instructions for the Speedport W724V from page 86 onward.

If you have a different router model from Telekom for which this configuration does not work, please contact campusserverprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.