Tunnel types

The VPN connection to the university has two different tunnel types:
"Tunnel-Uni-Bremen" and "Tunnel-All-Traffic". In the following we explain
briefly the advantages and disadvantages of these connection types.


This tunnel must be used to access resources of the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek (SuUB), however, due to licensing reasons only members (staff and students) can log in to this tunnel.

In this tunnel mode, everything you do on the Internet is redirected through the university. This means that you can
have access to everything you can access from the university network.
So you have access to e-books that you have found via SuUB,
the websites of the publishers, technical databases and also
all content within the university network.

However, this tunnel mode has a considerable disadvantage:
Due to the fact thatall your internet traffic is redirected through the university,
you will get delays in everything you do on the Internet, because the data goes first
to the university and then to their actual destination. Without
the VPN connection (or in "Tunnel-Uni-Bremen" mode) would be the detour
about the university and thus a part of the waiting time is omitted.

In addition, today's faster DSL connections are taking up more and more space.
the external connection of the university is noticeable, if its entire
traffic must pass through them twice (once from you to the
University, once from the university to the actual goal).

Therefore, please make sure to only use this mode of the VPN connection,
when you need it, and disable it again when you're done with your work!


This tunnel can be used by anyone with a University of Bremen account to access Stud.IP, for example.

The "Tunnel-Uni-Bremen" mode ensures that all connections that
you build to university internal pages, look as if you would come
from the university itself.
This enables you to acces certain content
which are provided by the university itself and can only be accessed by
from the university. This could be examination or
evaluation results, sample exams, meeting documents, etc.

The advantage of this tunnel mode is that it only requires a few resources.
Only links to university websites are provided by the tunnel,
all other connections are still served via your DSL connection.

However, this also means that with this connection mode
you do not have any content available,that third parties
made accecible for users of the university network.
These include for example,
e-books that you can download directly from the websites of the publishers,
or various Specialist databases.


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