Webhosting environment

The virtual web servers have a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Common modules are integrated. Normally, five gigabytes of space are available for your website. If necessary, this value can be increased after consultation.

Possible after consultation is

    the integration of further modules you need in Apache or PHP.
    an integration into the single sign-on system of the university.

Please note that your web presence shares the environment with about 600 other web presences. Therefore, we cannot make any changes to the installation that could negatively affect the function of the other presences.

Requesting a redirection

You can also set up a redirect via our web server.

For example, if you want to have a redirect from institut.uni-bremen.de to uni-bremen.de/institut.

Just use the form linked below.

Request a webhosting environment

Before a web presence can be requested via our online form, you must first set up a role-based account.

The role-based account should be assigned to a management person of the institution (e.g. administration or management of the institute/working group).

A role-based account can be requested at the following page:

Apply for role-based account

Once you have set up a role-based account, you can request a web presence.

To do this, log in with the function account you have set up on the following page:

To the online form (currently german only)

Please check the role-based accounts email regularly or set up email forwarding to everyone on your web team. Any emails regarding deletions, changes or maintenance will only be sent to the role-based account.