Personal Uni-Account

Members and affiliates of the University of Bremen can get a personal university account. This personal account allows access to the existing IT systems and services depending on the status at the university.

When setting up a personal university account, two different passwords must be assigned. In addition to setting the password for the general IT systems/services, it is also necessary to create a seperate WiFi password. Some smartphones do not manage passwords for wireless networks in a safe enough manner and could otherwise potentially endanger the security of your university account.

Students will be sent the login details to the university account with the certificate of enrollment; staff members, lecturers and all other members of the university (e. g. Cooperation Students, Guest Students, Long-Term Guests) can apply for their personal university account online or personally at the account administration.

Only one personal account will be assigned per person. The transfer of login details is forbidden. A personal university account is usually extended automatically or has a predefined expiration date (see ZfN-Onlinetools, "Ihre Daten im Identity Management ansehen").

Former members and affiliates of the University of Bremen can keep their personal university account even after leaving the university with reduced rights by a membership in the alumni association of the University of Bremen. Alternatively, preservation of the account can be arranged by the former members administration.

For employees in administration, it is advisable to set up a Role-Based Account in addition to the Personal Uni-Account, which is used exclusively for official purposes and may be transferred to another person if necessary.

Account Administration

Account Administration office hours:
Tue. 09:00 - 11:00
Thu. 13:00 - 15:00
Room SFG 1340

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