Katharina Friz presented at the research colloquium of the Center for East European Studies

On May 18, 2018 Katharina Friz presented a research paper co-authored with Maria Kristalova dealing with the determinants of the rise of presidential support in Russia during the Ukraine conflict.

It uses unique survey data from Russia in order to investigate whether the theoretically derived determinants are of significance for the presidential support. The paper is part of the cumulative dissertation of Katharina Friz who is working on topics related to the economic development of the Russian economy.

The presentation took place within the research colloquium run by the Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO), Department of Politics and Economics, at the University Bremen. The colloquium is organized by Heiko Pleines, Head of the Department of Politics and Economics, and brings together outstanding junior scientific experts in the field of Eastern European studies from around the world. It provides the chance for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to present and discuss their current research.