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Eine Pinnwand voller Flyer.
Karin Bammann
Epidemiologie des demographischen Wandels|

Award of the title professorship to Dr. Karin Bammann, Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research

Ceremonial presentation of the certificate at the meeting of the departmental council of FB 11

Karin Wolf-Ostermann
Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Prof. Dr Karin Wolf-Ostermann from IPP Bremen in an interview with MEDICA on the topic: How do you bring health professionals and algorithms together?

Expert of the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP) and Head of Nursing Care Research on the use of AI in nursing - Interview with Joachim Ott, MEDICA

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Co-designing Public Space: In Policy and Practice

Team from IPP's Social Epidemiology Department tests new design approaches in international project

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Sozialepidemiologie| Epidemiologie des demographischen Wandels|

New research network "SalusTransform" on health-promoting urban development started

Concept development phase for the evaluation of urban development measures in Bremen, Bochum and Wuppertal

Prof. Dr. Melanie Böckmann
Global Health|

New to the IPP: Prof. Dr. Melanie Böckmann

Prof. Dr. Melanie Böckmann has been the appointed Professor of Global Health at the University of Bremen since February 1st, 2023 and spokesperson for the Department of Global Health at the Institute of Public Health and Nursing.


New interdisciplinary research project to develop an urban health monitoring system

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Bolte and Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton successful in receiving funding in the funding line „Planetary Health“ of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt)

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Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann (@IPP_UniBremen) as guest at the Integrated Health Campus Bremen (IGB)

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann gave an informative interview for the third episode of the IGB podcast on the topics of academization of the nursing professions, community health nurses, and how society can benefit from academized nurses

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Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

Re-elected to the Board of the Ethics Committee of the German Nursing Association (DGP)

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann re-elected to the Board of the Ethics Committee of the German Nursing Association (DGP)

Viktoria Hoel
Pflegewissenschaftliche Versorgungsforschung|

INDUCT-Best Practice Guidance Human interaction with technology in dementia updated with first DISTINCT recommendations

Professor of IPP, Karin Wolf-Ostermann, has successfully contributed to the second update

Fortbildungen in Präsenz- und Onlineformat mit Ingrid Darmann-Finck und Andreas Baumeister
Qualifikations- und Curriculumforschung|

Further training for nursing teachers

SteBs - Review 2021 and outlook 2022

Prof. Dr. Birte Berger-Höger
Pflegewissenschaftliche Evaluations- und Implementierungsforschung|

Informed Contraceptive Choice: Project Optimizes Guidelines

“The right decision aids should present the advantages and disadvantages in a manner suited to the target group"