V3 - Versatile Vocational and Educational Training


Versatile Vocational and Educational Training

This is a joined effort from 6 European institutions to design, implement, deploy and evaluate a user-friendly, ICT-based educational training framework. Target group for this project are both young people in initial training as well as adults involved in lifelong learning activities. The projects aims to the development of open source software able to simultaneously record screen and voice activity, and automatically add meaningful index marks. Recordings of the software are parameterized according to the LOM standard and can be uploaded to the resource centre where users can search for them according to the LOM parameters. Furthermore web services are used to connect the resource centre to the LMS of each partner allowing users to use the resource centre from their own learning environment.

Staff: Dr. Yildiray Ogurol (Coordinator), Spyros Abatielos


  • Institut d'Informatique,Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (FUNDP) à Namur, Belgium (Lead Partner)
  • Masarykova univerzita v Brně, Fakulta informatiki, Czech Republic
  • Institut Commercial de Nancy (ICN), University de Nancy
  • Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (CRP HT), Luxemburg
  • EMMERCE EEIG, Linköping, Sweden

Funding: LEONARDO DA VINCI (EU), Community Vocational Training Action Programme, Second phase: 2000-2006

Lifetime: 2005 - 2007