Personal Certificates

The application for a security certificate for natural persons is made directly via the Onlinetools website of the University of Bremen.


  •  User certificates can only be issued to members and affiliates of the University of Bremen in terms of § 5 BremHG.
  •  The certificate is only issued to the university e-mail address. The certification of e-mail addresses hosted by a third party is not possible.


  • In Onlinetools select 'User Certificate', then select 'Request new user certificate'. Fill out the request form.
  • During the first step you are asked to choose a password. This password is used to encrypt your private key. The password can be chosen freely - it has nothing to do with any e-mail accounts or other digital services.
  • After verification, your certificate will be activated and it can then be downloaded in several formats. This usually happens within a day.

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