Publikationen im Projekt


  • Keil, M., Straub, S., Severin, B., Meiser, A., Hagemann, V., Hesenius, M., Ruiner, C., Klumpp, M. (2024). Come as you are – Individualized truck driver tour scheduling according to personal chronotype, attentional and cortisol profiles. Talk at the EurOMA (Europe Operations Management), 2-4 July, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Ruiner, C., Straub, S., Keil, M., Klumpp, M., Hagemann, V., Meiser, A., Severin, B. & Hesenius, M. (2024). Labour process as a rat race: truck drivers navigating supply chain vulnerabilities. Presentation at the 40th European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, 4-6 July, Milan, Italy.


  • Straub, S., Ruiner, C., Keil, M., Klumpp, M., Hagemann, V., Meiser, A., Severin, B. & Hesenius, M. (2023). IT as curse or blessing – Perception of digital technologies in logistics. Short Paper und Vortrag beim Herbstworkshop 2023 der wissenschaftlichen Kommission für Personal, Berlin, Deutschland.
  • Meiser, A., Hesenius, M., Severin, B., Klumpp, M., Keil, M., Ruiner, C., Straub, S. and Hagemann, V. (2023). Assessing the vigilance of truck drivers during a normal working day using Electroencephalography. Poster talk at the Annual Meeting of the HFES Europe Chapter, 26-28 April, Liverpool, England


  • Klumpp, M., Severin, B., Lechte, H., Menck, J., Keil, M., Straub, S., Ruiner, C., Hagemann, V., Milke, V. & Hesenius, M. (2022). Driving Big Data – Integration and Synchronization of Data Sources for Artificial Intelligence Applications with the Example of Truck Driver Work Stress and Strain Analysis. ICIS 2022 Proceedings. 3. Available from
  • Milke, V., Straub, S., Debbing, C., Keil, M., Severin, B., Hesenius, M., Ruiner, C., Hagemann, V. & Klumpp, M. (2022). Work Condition Analysis for Driving Professions with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Presentation at the 8th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC), 23-25 February, 2022, Bremen, Germany.


  • Klump; M., Hesenius, M., Ruiner, C., Hagemann, V., Milke, V., Straub, S., Debbing, C. & Keil, M. (2021). Artificial Intelligence for Mental Stress and Strain Analysis with Driving Professions. Presentation at the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL), 22-24 September, Hamburg, Germany.
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