Aktuelles aus dem Projekt

Participation in the AOWI-Conference in Kassel

The AOWI-conference of the German Psychological Society took place in Kassel from 12th to 15th September, 2023. The AOWI-conference aims to gather psychologists interested in the work, organisational, business and engineering psychology to exchange their views on current research. Lara Watermann presented, on behalf of our project team, first insights from the psychological experiment of the project under the title " Human-AI Teams in a Mars Habitat: The Influence of the Perception of an AI as a Team Member or Tool on Trust and Affect" (Watermann, L., Appelganc, K., Große Maestrup, P., Band, S., Förster, A., Heinicke, C., Hagemann, V.). We had interesting discussions and ideas concerning our research and were very pleased about the exchange with colleagues.

Participation in the International Astronautical Congress in Paris

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) took place in Paris from the 18th until the 22nd of September, 2022. The IAC aims to gather all the different stakeholders from the space community: entrepreneurs, scientists, manufacturers and many more. The two PhD students Ksenia Appelganc (FB 07, Business Psychology and Human Resources) and Daniel Vrankar (FB 07, Financial Services and Financial Technology) got the chance to attend the IAC for the “Humans on Mars” initiative. The IAC started with an exciting opening ceremony and a welcome reception on Sunday. The next days were full of inspiring presentations and fruitful discussion. One of the presentations on Wednesday was held by Dr. Christiane Heinicke (ZARM) who introduced our research project “The Living Habitat” (partners: Paul Große-Maestrup, Saurabh Band, Prof. Anna Förster, Prof. Vera Hagemann) to the space community. In between, Ksenia and Daniel, representing the "Humans on Mars" initiative, had many interesting conversations at the congress booth of Bremen, the city of space.

Humans on Mars feature at buten un binnen

We are very pleased to see the video feature in the regional magazine "buten und binnen" about our “Humans on Mars” initiative. Christiane Heinicke and Paul Große Maestrup from our project “The Living Habitat” are part of this exciting feature about the research regarding the settlement of humans on Mars.

Kick-off event of the "Humans on Mars" initiative

On the 8th of July, 2022 Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann and Ksenia Appelganc attended the first official kick-off event of the “Human on Mars” initiative. The researchers from all seed projects of the initiative came together at Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen to meet each other in person and to get more familiar with the different projects. The workshop was opened by Prof. Marc Avila, director of ZARM and leader of the initiative. Afterwards, the Rector of the University, Prof. Scholz-Reiter, and the Senator for Science and Ports, Dr. Schilling, gave their greetings. In each project group, after a short introduction of their principal investigator, the PhD students presented themselves and their research project followed by questions and lively discussions.

The seed project "The living habitat", of which our project “Team performance of human-human and human-agent teams in a Mars habitat under various scenarios” is a part, was also presented by the three PhD students Paul Große Maestrup, Saurabh Band and Ksenia Appelganc.

Paul Große Maestrup introduced his approach for building a human-centered life support system working with the help of cyanobacteria. Saurabh Band presented the idea of a sensor network that serves as a monitoring system which can predict abnormal events. Ksenia Appelganc explained how the crew will be supported by an artificial agent that will serve as a team member and will be responsible for monitoring the life support system with the help of the sensor network.

During the coffee breaks and lunch there was also a lot of time for enriching scientific exchange between the different project members. It was such a great pleasure to finally meet and get to know everyone in person. We look forward to more fruitful discussions and collaborations within the initiative.