Learn a language in tandem

Are you interested in improving your language skills by working with a partner in a friendly and informal atmosphere? If you are, then a language tandem could be just what you are looking for.

A language tandem is an exchange where two people meet regularly as equal partners so that each can improve their language skills. The meetings can take place in a café, on campus or also online, of course! Tandems are arranged so that the native language of one partner is the target language of the other. 

To take part, you need to be prepared to meet up with your partner to practise and use the language, and to invest a reasonable amount of time in your tandem. 

Advantages of learning a language in tandem:

  • flexible and individual way to learn
  • even possible with a starting level of A1.2
  • both tandem partners benefit from the mutual exchanges - about any topic whatsoever: you will have fun no matter what you do!
  • you can enhance your intercultural skills by gaining first-hand knowledge
  • an ideal 'add-on' to a language course or our tutoring programme
  • ... also works well as a stand-alone without a formal language course

How can I find a tandem partner?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our online Tandem Partner System (TAPAS). To register, you simply have to enter all the necessary details. When you have registered, you will receive a link to activate your account. This takes you straight to the tandem form. You can access the system any time with your password and your user name - to manage your profile, submit new enquiries, accept or decline possible partners suggested by the system, or delete out-of date information.

We will let you know as soon as we have found you a partner. You can then accept or decline our suggestion. As soon as both partners have accepted our suggestion, you can start planning your tandem together. Have fun!


Tandem coordination and advice

Your Tandem Team at the SZHB

Email: tandem(at)uni-bremen.de 

Please note: We try our very best to match tandem partners as quickly as possible, but in some cases this may take several weeks. This is particularly true for languages which are in high demand but not offered very often.

Material for your tandem

  • Topic sheets: ideas for dialogues and for learning vocabulary and grammar for a wide variety of languages from A1 - B2
  • Ideas on how to work with photos, videos, universal questions and online resources
  • Tips for a successful tandem including answers to the following questions:
    • Should I correct my partner? How do I best do this?
    • How can I make the most of my tandem?
    • What can I do when I have run out of ideas?

Tandem certificate

You can also obtain a certificate to confirm you have participated in a tandem. This contains:

  • Target language
  • Duration
  • Learning objectives achieved

What do you have to do to be eligible for a certificate?

  • Take part in a preliminary discussion to specify your learning objectives BEFORE you start your tandem
  • Keep a record of the tandem meetings
  • Take part in a final discussion at the end of your tandem

To obtain more information or register for a tandem certificate, please contact tandem[at]uni-bremen.de. If you would like to obtain credit points for your tandem language learning, then you must complete your tandem as part of our tutoring programme.

A Guide to obtaining a tandem certificate can be downloaded here: How to obtain a tandem certificate (pdf, only in German)

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