Educational leave

Educational leave programme at the SZHB

Our programme of courses which can be taken as educational leave is open to anyone wishing to take educational leave.

Our A1 and A2 intensive courses for Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian, Polish, Russian and Swedish are recognised as educational leave in Bremen. The courses are suitable for students and professionals who are absolute beginners or who have basic knowledge of the language.

The courses are usually offered in the winter semester break (February/March) and in the summer semester break (August/September) and cover the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills needed to master everyday situations in the chosen language.


30 study units (30 x 45 min.) of face-to-face teaching (usually Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 14:00), plus homework and independent study.

We work with a course book and our Moodle learning platform, supplemented by an independent study guide containing tips on useful websites and exercises with feedback. In the afternoon, participants can avail themselves of the independent study opportunities available for free in the Language Resource Centre at Bremen University (Building GW2, room A 3.070).

Course fees

Staff: €160.00
Auditing students: €211.00 (including auditing student fee)

Information and advice

Astrid Buschmann-Göbels (Language course coordinator (all courses except English), educational director)

Annette Jahnke (English)

Violetta Kozik-Rafii (Polish)

Paola Kucera (Swedish)

Antonella Lavagno (Italian)

Fábio Nogueira (Portuguese/Brazilian)

Larissa Ockert (Russian)

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