UNIcert Basis (A2)

Direct entry

If you can prove you have already achieved A1.1, A1.2 and/or A2.1, you might be able to begin with a course for the next level.

If you only take the course at the highest level of A2.2, you must pass the tests for all four skills in order to pass the test overall and gain the certificate.

Obtain a certificate

  1. The UNIcert® Basis certificate is issued after all courses have been successfully completed; it is not necessary to take a final test. A charge of €5 is made for the issue of the certificate. Click here to register for the issue of your certificate.

IMPORTANT! Participants must achieve 80% attendance to be eligible for a UNIcert® certificate.

Chinese, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish

A1.1 + A1.2 or A1 (4 SWS/6 CP in total)
A2.1 + A2.2 or A2 (4 SWS/6 CP in total)

1 SWS = 1 x 45 min per week for 1 semester

Russian and Polish

Course(s)WorkloadNo. of CP
A1.14 SWS6 CP
A1.24 SWS6 CP
A2.14 SWS6 CP
A2.24 SWS6 CP

1 SWS = 1 x 45 min per week for 1 semester

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