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A special feature of our new, continuation degree programmes is their enhanced focus on internationality, especially in relation to the integration of curricular components which are taught in English, and the intermeshing of our degree programmes with those offered by our international partner universities. Several degree programmes now already offer or intend to offer special exchange programmes and double degrees in collaboration with European and non-European partner universities. Besides cultivating and expanding existing international collaborations, we have also gradually established numerous new collaborations with foreign partner universities. One of the strategic goals of our internationalisation programme is to persuade more students from abroad to come to Bremerhaven to study. Our extended network of partners has meanwhile enabled us to increase both the proportion of foreign incoming students from partner universities and also the proportion of our own outgoing students at our international collaborating universities. The International Office actively supports our exchange students by providing detailed advice, and supervisory and coordination measures, and also offers language courses, some of which it funds.

At the HSBHV, we offer

  • language courses for individual faculties
  • language courses for the General Studies component
  • advice on learning a language and finding the right course/ placement tests
  • language tests and certificates
  • help and support with your independent language learning
    • Language Resource Centre
    • language cafés
    • finding a tandem partner

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