DAAD Language certificate

Who may take the DAAD test at the SZHB?

Students enrolled at one of the universities listed below can acquire a DAAD language certificate at the SZHB.

  • University of Bremen
  • HSB
  • HfK

Issue of certificate on the basis of previous courses

It may be possible for a DAAD language certificate to be issued on the basis of a course you have already successfully completed at the SZHB. Your certificate will state the level achieved in the course. This is the course of action we recommend when you have already done a language course at the SZHB or when you have not yet reached the level you are required to achieve on the DAAD language certificate.

Take the DAAD test to obtain your language certificate

Alternatively, you can take a test in the SZHB. You must first take the online Dialang test and then send your test result to the English advice desk. You cannot save the results, so feel free to send screenshots or list the results directly in the email. Please also include the level you are required to prove with the DAAD language certificate.

If you do not need to do any further preparation, you can then continue immediately and choose one of the test dates available and we will then register you for this test. You will receive an email confirmation that you have been registered for this test and a request to pay the test fee of €20.

Our DAAD tests are currently being held online and require you to:

  • read an academic text (600 words) and summarise the key points in 180-200 words
    (time allowed: 60 minutes);
  • discuss the topic presented in this text in an oral exam (time allowed: 15 minutes)

A maximum of 3 candidates can be tested on each test date.

Your DAAD language certificate will be issued shortly after the test.

Contact us

English advice desk

Email: englischszhb(at)uni-bremen.de

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