UNIcert II (B2)

The second stage of the UNIcert® system leads to level B2.

UNIcert II accepted as B2 qualification

Bremen University, the HSB, HSBHV and the HfK accept UNIcert® II as a B2 qualification.

Furthermore, most academic institutions in Germany accept UNIcert® II as proof of language proficiency for Bachelor and Master applications. An overview of these institutions is available on the UNIcert® website.

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Obtain a certificate

  1. The UNIcert® II certificate is issued after all courses have been successfully completed; it is not necessary to take a final test.
    IMPORTANT! Participants must achieve 80% attendance to be eligible for a UNIcert® certificate.

Direct entry with previous knowledge

If the C-test shows you are already at B2.1 and/or B2.2, you may start with the next level of the set programme.

If you only take the course at the highest level (B 2.3), you must pass the course tests for all four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) in order gain the certificate.

Issue of certificates

After you have successfully completed the requisite number of courses for a UNIcert® certificate, you may register to have your certificate issued. A charge of €5 is made for the issue of the certificate.

Register for the issue of your certificate


Placement test

Please do the placement test before registering for a course.

Placement test

Courses in this semester

Overview of our courses this semester


Option 1
Academic English
(across disciplines)

Option 2
English for Engineering
Option 3
English for Business Studies and Economics

Academic English B 2.1
(entry level B 1.2)

Academic English B 2.2
(entry level B 2.1)
Technical English I (B 2.2) - entry level B 2.1English for Business Studies and Economics
B 2.2
(entry level B 2.1)

Academic EnglishB 2.3
(entry level B 2.2)

Technical English II (B 2.3) - entry level B 2.2English for Business Studies and Economics
B 2.3
(entry level B 2.2)


You must successfully complete the requisite courses from one option to be eligible to obtain the certificate. 

Polish and Swedish

UNIcert® II for Polish



UNIcert® II for Swedish

Polish B2.1 (entry level B 1.2)


Swedish B2.1 (entry level B 1.2)

Polish B2.2 (entry level B 2.1)

Swedish B2.2 (entry level B 2.1)
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