Certificazione di competenza di italiano come lingua straniera

Dates, times and registration

The next CILS test will take place on June, 5th, 2024 (all levels)

Registration deadline: 29th April 2024

The following documents must be submitted (please send them to alavagno(at)

1. Registration form, completed and signed  (click here to download the registration form)
2.  Copy of your personal ID card or passport
3.  Bank confirmation that the test fee has been transferred to:

Kontoinhaber (Payee): Sprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Lande Bremen

IBAN: DE10 2500 0000 0025 1015 48
BIC (Swift): MARKDEF1250
Deutsche Bundesbank

Verwendungszweck (Reference) EK 500 100 100, IA 8170 2001, CILS-Prüfung 05.06.2024

What is CILS?

A certificate stating the degree of communicative competence in Italian as a foreign language. CILS certificates are awarded by the University of Siena and officially recognised under an agreement with the Italian Foreign Ministry. The certificates are also recognised internationally. 


Introduction on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024, at 6 p.m. at Bremen University, Universitäts-Boulevard 13, building GW2, room A3220.


A general overview of the test will be given and then participants will have the opportunity to work through the separate parts of the test and thereby assess their current level. Test preparation courses can be offered on request.

Test fees

Levels A1 and A2: €50,
Level B1 adolescenti: €80
Level B1/B1 citizenship: €100                                                                                                                 
Level B2: €110,
Level C1: €135,
Level C2: €160. 
Each skill costs between €15 and €35. 

Who may take the CILS test?

Italian nationals living abroad (descendants of Italian emigrants) and non-Italians. There is no age limit and no requirement to have a particular academic qualification. 

Contact us

Dott.ssa Antonella Lavagno


What is the format of the test?

The test has several parts which evaluate specific language competences. Candidates can take all or just one of the individual parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written and oral expression, grammar and vocabulary.
There are six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. For levels A1 and A2 candidates have the option of taking the test for adults (adulti all'estero) or the test for children and young people (children, 8 - 11 years, ragazzi all'estero, 12 - 15 years; B1 is for young people as well).

For whom is CILS useful?

CILS is useful for anyone wanting to have verification of their Italian language competence, be it for study or professional or personal reasons. Each CILS level provides proof of a specific communicative competence which can be used in different situations. To give some examples: level two (B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) is the entry requirement for the Italian university system; level four (C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) qualifies the holder to take the exam to become an interpreter or translator in the diplomatic service. Many Italian companies with international operations or which want to employ foreign staff, or foreign companies which do business with Italian ones require their staff to have a CILS certificate.

B1 test to obtain Italian citizenship absolute requirement to claim Italian citizenship through marriage

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