Curricular English courses

General information

Course fees

The courses are generally free of charge and form part of a particular degree programme.

Course participation

The courses are generally only for students enrolled on that particular degree programme and are compulsory or compulsory elective courses for this programme.

Course formats

Curricular courses are regular courses which take place during the semester (15 weeks)

  • 2 SWS
  • 4 SWS

1 SWS = 1 x 45 min per week for 1 semester



Contact us

General coordination & Bremen University

Dr. Annette Jahnke

  • Coordinator for all English courses offered by the SZHB (for Bremen University, HSB, HfK and HSBHV)
  • Coordinator for English for specific purposes at Bremen University

Email: englischszhb(at)


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