Projects & Research

The SZHB is integrated into diverse networks and involved in a wide variety of projects. Since 2016 it has worked in close collaboration with Claudia Harsch, who holds the Chair of Research into Language Learning and Teaching in Faculty 10 at Bremen University. The synergies between research and its practical implementation manifest themselves in many areas of the teaching, learning and testing at the SZHB, in the form of joint training, projects and publications. It also contributes its expertise in language teaching and testing in international projects such as the YUFE Alliance,

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The SZHB is involved in numerous smaller and also larger (research) projects which are often undertaken in collaboration with the researchers dedicated to language teaching and learning in Faculty 10 at the University of Bremen and other national and international partners.

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The staff at the SZHB regularly attend conferences on the teaching and learning of languages and contribute articles to a wide range of publications.

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Language Assessment @ Bremen (L@B) is a research group comprising researchers from Faculty 10 at the University of Bremen and language instructors and coordinators from the SZHB.

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