Information from the Goethe-Institut for summer semester 2022

Online group courses for German

Our online group courses for German are designed so that you meet up with your instructor and the other students in a virtual classroom on our learning platform.

This learning platform is your workplace for online tasks which you complete as independent study week by week at times which are relatively flexible to suit your own particular schedule. Your instructor monitors your work closely and gives you individual feedback on the progress you are making.

The dates & times for your course are listed in the course overview. Roughly 2 weeks before your course is due to start, you will be told whether your classes will take place online or face-to-face.


  • A combination of independent study tasks which are corrected automatically and tasks to help you improve your speaking and writing skills (e.g. audio recordings and texts) which are assessed by your instructor on a tutorial basis.
  • Joint group activities (e.g. blogs or forum entries) with the other students (on a tutorial basis).
  • PC, laptop or tablet
  • Headset with microphone
  • Internet connection

Our online courses have asynchronous phases on the learning platform and synchronous phases in the form of live meetings (online/ face-to-face). The learning goals and course content will be presented at the beginning of the course via the course classroom. Your instructor will make the tasks for that week available at the beginning of each week and monitor your weekly progress. Your course is a regular course over 15 weeks during the semester. Depending on the type of course, you should plan for a weekly workload of 2 or 4 SWS (1 SWS = 45 min per week) and it is a good idea to also train and practise daily on the learning platform. Your instructor will structure your course so that the weekly workload is spread evenly over the course.

When you successfully achieve the language level you are working towards and would like to obtain ECTS points for the course, it is important that you keep to the structure of the course and can prove you have completed the workload necessary for the ECTS points. At the beginning of the course, your instructor will explain the requirements that have to be met before the official certificates of achievement (Leistungsnachweise, 6 ECTS ) can be issued.

For your online learning to be successful, you have to be able to organise your work and manage your time effectively.  Structure your working week. Allocate specific times each week for your German course when you can concentrate and are not disturbed. Try to do something for your course every day and use what you have learned as you go about your daily life. Use the feedback from your instructor so that you continuously improve your language skills. Mistakes should be seen as something positive and are important when learning a new language. You will benefit most when you work on your own skills and continuously improve them with the support of your instructor.

Interact with the other students in the live meetings and the group discussions in the fora. The groups are international, and communicating and exchanging views and ideas in your group will help you to improve your spoken language skills and also learn a lot about the other students. Learning together is often easier than learning alone – even online. 

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