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Courses in 21 languages in winter semester 2023/2024

Registration is open! This winter semester we are offering courses in 21 languages. They typically take place on a weekly basis and will commence the week of October 16th.

The majority of our courses are offered on-site in the classroom, although online learning platforms will continue to be used to provide appealing and varied communication and learning arrangements. A few courses will also be conducted entirely online. Please refer to the respective course descriptions for details.

Directly to the course booking

General information about semester courses

Advice on learning platforms

  • After registering for your course, you will be informed in good time before the course begins whether a learning platform will be used in the course, and if yes, which one.
  • Access to the respective learning platform and thereby to the content of the course you have booked will be sent to you by e-mail three to four days before the first day of class.
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