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Step by Step - The Way into Practical Training

  • Students send their application papers to employers
  • Upon request, students submit additional information, e.g. references
  • (Telephone) Interview
  • Employers make their choices and inform students about their decision and conditions
  • Students confirm acceptance of the position offered and the Internship agreement is signed
  • Students take care of visa applications, grant formalities, notifying their university about the internship, travel and arrival arrangements, and any other pre-departure issues (as applicable and/or necessary, with employer’s support as needed (or as offered))
  • First day of work and introduction to the company/organisation
  • Familiarisation, housing arrangements, setting up a bank account, registration with national/local authorities as required
  • Integration of trainee into employer’s work processes
  • Common phases: Introduction to and learning about the company routines, adjusting to the position, rotating through departments, integrating into the team(s), hands-on training, attending meetings and intra-company trainings, taking on special assignments, interaction with supervisor
  • Generation of an internship diary and/or feedback to home university, mid-term evaluation as agreed upon (trainee’s duty)
  • Final on-site evaluation
  • Trainee reporting back to university staff
  • Trainee presenting experiences and insights to fellow students
  • Trainee taking care of formalities, e.g. tax forms etc. (as applicable and/or necessary, with employer’s support as needed)