New insights are the engine that drives us. Within the University of Bremen, our faculty is distinguished by a great strength of research, which can be measured by the quality of its publications and the successful acquisition of third-party funding. We carry out research within our working groups, but we are also involved in interdisciplinary cooperation, in all scientific focal points of the University of Bremen and in large collaborative projects. These include several Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups. Among the prizes and grants received by members of our department are the ERC Grant and Koselleck Project, as well as Heisenberg and Lichtenberg Professorships.

On these pages you will find everything you need to know about research at Faculty 3, in particular information about our research areas, working groups and staff. You will also find an overview of our collaborations and larger alliances. If you are interested in working with us, you will find more detailed information on research in mathematics and computer science here.