Student Research Projects in Mathematics

As of Winter Semester 17/18, the math department has regularly offered research-related projects for advanced Bachelor students. A list of the currently offered project topics can be found here. These projects, supervised by mathematics faculty members, provide students the opportunity for gaining their own research experience (RE) during their bachelor studies. The close links to current work of the participating research groups provide insights into mathematical research at the department. These RE projects are not only aimed at Bachelor students of the University of Bremen, but are also particularly suitable for national and international visiting students and, in this context, also for students within the ERASMUS program.

The project topics are assigned by the lecturers according to the individual interests. In addition, the projects can be worked on in block form or over a longer period of time, alone or in small groups. In addition, an RE project can be integrated into the curriculum of the Bachelor's program as a proseminar.