Apprenticeship at the University of Bremen

Every year, the University of Bremen trains up to 118 apprentices in 14 professions. Four teams train IT specialists, including faculty 3 Mathematics & Computer Science.

Faculty 3 provides three training places each year, one for application development and two for system integration (see here). Three to four additional positions are offered by the other teams.

Each working group has its own IT requirements. Almost all current operating systems are used. Standard applications of all versions are in use. Various databases, data backup systems and web servers are installed. The hardware used ranges from the very latest to very old, from notebooks to cluster servers.

Faculty 3 employs 17 technicians who support approx. 1600 workstations and almost 50 servers. Furthermore, more than 100 network printers and about as many local printers and more than 80 active network components are in operation. All technicians are involved in the training, so that we can guarantee a comprehensive treatment of all technical training contents.

Zwei Personen arbeiten an einem Serverschrank.