With or without an application subject, there are no longer any compulsory courses in this Master's program. Students create their own individual plans from the modules offered. The focus is on one of the four mathematical areas:

  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Statistics/Stochastics

and which is chosen as your area of specialization. The remaining ones form your area of diversification. For information on the content and requirements of each area of specialization, see Substantive Requirements.

Exemplary Schedule (click to open)

with Application Subject
without Application Subject

Modules and Courses

An overview of the modules offered are provided by the exemplary schedules, which represent a recommendation and modules can also be taken in a different order. Descriptions for the each module, assignment to an area of specialization, courses in a module, and course descriptions in the respective semester are available at:

Courses Descriptions

Courses Winter 2023/2024