Apprenticeship computer science/IT specialists

The training to become an IT specialist takes three years. The first year of the apprenticeship can be omitted if you have the appropriate previous training. If you have good marks at vocational school and a positive assessment in the company where you are training, the training period may be shortened by a further six months.

At the University of Bremen, apprentices receive a training allowance of 936.82 € in their 1st year of training. In the 2nd apprenticeship year the salary increases to 990,96 € and in the 3rd apprenticeship year there is 1040,61 €.  [Source: TdL-Online]

All trainees must keep a report booklet from day one. It serves as proof of training and is required by the “Berufsbildungsgesetz” (BBiG) as a prerequisite for admission to the final examination.

The final examination is taken before the “Handelskammer Bremen”. The final examination includes a written test, which is identical throughout Germany. The journeyman's examination also includes the preparation of a final project including documentation. A 15-minute lecture on this project must be given before an examination board of at least three members, followed by a survey (also 15 minutes). And after that you are a sought-after skilled worker!

Two specializations

There are two specializations in the training of IT specialists: system integration and application development. Both are trained in the vocational school in separate classes in block instruction. One block lasts one week. The trainees then spend two weeks in the company.

    Specializations application development

    IT specialists in the field of application development test existing applications, adapt them, improve them and develop application-oriented user interfaces. In addition, they correct errors with the help of expert or diagnostic systems and advise and train users.

    Your tasks:

    • Design, implementation and maintenance of software
    • Development of test concepts
    • Creation of software documentation
    • Implementation of user training courses

    The training period for this profession is 3 years.

    We expect from you:

    • Basic experience with PCs and PC applications
    • Good school performance in English and mathematics
    • Interest in solving problems
    • Flexibility and ability to work in a team
    • Reliability, commitment and ambition

    Spezialisation system integration

    IT specialists specialising in system integration ensure that IT systems function properly. They install and network devices from smartphones to servers - often in heterogeneous networks. They thus provide important communication channels. They support users in technical questions and solve IT problems quickly and flexibly.

    Your tasks:

    • Planning and configuring information and telecommunications technology systems
    • Setting up, managing and operating IT systems according to customer requirements
    • Analysis in the event of malfunctions and troubleshooting
    • Advising users on the selection and use of IT systems
    • Creation of system documentation
    • Execution of trainings in the EDP area
    • Database design

    In Faculty 3, training takes place partly in cooperation with private-sector companies within the framework of joint training.

    We expect from you:

    • Interest in working with computers and a basic understanding of technology
    • Above-average academic performance in the natural sciences as well as in mathematics and English
    • Team spirit