A list of our projects in the field of gender equality:

  • BMBF Joint Project Transfer Laboratory Technical Competencies
    The BMBF-funded joint project "Transfer Laboratory Technical Competencies" of the University of Bremen and the University of Hamburg was launched at the beginning of 2017 and aims to recruit women as specialists for high-tech careers in the fields of information technology and engineering sciences. Experience has shown that numerous female students of non-technical subjects in the university environment are very interested in acquiring technical skills. Universities rarely do justice to this interest. Mediation structures for a change of subject or a supplementary course of studies are to be created to accompany and support female students from the decision-making stage to their entry into a technical subject of study.
  • The BMBF project smile
    Computer science for schoolgirls: The aim of the smile project is to inspire schoolgirls for computer science with information events and workshops and to increase the proportion of women in the IT industry. smile is aimed at girls and young women from the 5th grade up to school-leaving level and offers attractive teaching and learning opportunities for touching, participating and researching in the subject of computer science. Previous knowledge is not required. Teachers and parents are also included in the courses. The project partners are developing up-to-date and target group-oriented access to information technology topics for girls and young women around the top social topic of "smart environments".
  • The BMBF project informs attractive
    IWithin the context of the three-year project InformAttraktiv, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the orientation and culture of computer science as well as its presentation to the public are investigated. Inspired by gender research, the aim is to gain professional innovation impulses that lead to contemporary research questions as well as an attractive orientation and perception of the subject. Furthermore, it will influence the shaping of the currently discussed computer science profiles 'Security and Quality', 'Artificial Intelligence, Cognition and Robotics' and 'Digital Media and Interaction'. From their current research topics, workshop offers for young people will be designed, carried out and evaluated, which convey a modern and lively picture of the subject.
  • fablab Bremen e.V.

    The FabLab Bremen is a creative environment that encourages learning and experimentation on the one hand and enables the professional implementation of one's own ideas on the other. In this high-tech workshop different actors from different disciplines meet at a central location.

    Our focus is on the examination of digital media and manufacturing technologies and focuses in particular on

    • the qualification of junior staff,
    • the promotion of media literacy and
    • arousing interest in technical and creative professions and new technologies.