Academic semester abroad - computer science



Why abroad?

In addition to the crediting of services rendered abroad, a semester abroad offers various advantages. A semester abroad offers the opportunity to learn and practice foreign languages, to get to know students on an international level, to make contacts, to experience student life in another country and to acquire further professional as well as personal skills. This is a unique experience, which can be useful both for your studies and for your future career.


How does the process work abroad?

For a comprehensive preparation 9-12 months should be planned: It is important to obtain information in good time! Every year an information event takes place in autumn, where detailed information about a semester abroad is provided.

  1. Attend the information event on studying abroad. .
  2. Compare the courses offered by the partner universities
  3. Select three preferred universities and rank them accordingly.
  4. Meet the application requirements of the respective partner university and compile the necessary application documents.
  5. Submit the complete application by the specified deadline (application portal).
    • Apply online via the Mobility-Online Portal (by 15.02). Application usually consists of:
      • Letter of motivation in German, maximum 2 pages
      • Curriculum vitae, in German language
      • current matriculation certificate from the University of Bremen
      • Mirror of sheet music (e.g. PABO/ FlexNow printout)
    • Upload Learning Agreement (LA) to StudIP (by 15.03).
    • Collect the signed LA from the foreign representative and upload it to Mobility-Online.
  6. Clarify the financing of the stay abroad parallel to the application.
  7. Application for BAFöG abroad, scholarships, etc.
  8. Wait for the result of the selection procedure (nomination by the end of March).
  9. It is important to prepare well for your departure: Clarify VISA matters at an early stage, especially USA/Canada/CIS!
  10. If courses abroad are taken other than those originally entered in the LA, a new LA must be sent from abroad to the foreign representative (or partnership representative).
  11. Transcript of Record by mail or e-mail to the foreign representative.
  12. Collect the certificate of recognition of the services rendered abroad from the Examination Office.
  13. If necessary, upload the certificate of recognition to Mobility-Online.

Please take care of your place abroad in good time! Usually it takes up to one year. If you have any questions, please contact the persons responsible at the partner universities concerned.

Our partner universities are listed under List of Partnership Universities.

Under Free Places you will find the current available places at the partner universities.

The selection and nomination at the host institution is carried out by the cooperation officers (by the end of March).

Important: You must register back at the University of Bremen!
- You can be exempted from the semester ticket by applying for a semester abroad at the SfS (no Erasmus certificate has to be submitted to the SfS as the SfS is informed by the IO).
- Attention: please do not apply for a semester leave of absence, otherwise no examination results can be recognised!

Information about funding opportunities

There are various support options for a semester abroad:

  • ERASMUS+ Programs: For studying abroad in Europe. More information can be found at the International Office under Erasmus Study Stay.
  • PROMOS scholarships for stays in non-EU countries. More information can be found at the International Office under PROMOS Program
  • Auslands-BAföG (Special calculation bases)
  • DAAD (
  • Various foundations, parties, trade unions

Language skills and tests

Language preparation is very important for a successful study abroad. The following language requirements are necessary for this:

  • Knowledge of the language of instruction at level B2
  • as far as possible basic knowledge of the national language

Here are some language institutes where certain language tests (TOEFEL; IELTS, ...) can be taken:

Ins Ausland

When should a study abroad take place?

  • 4th Semester (Computer Science/Information Systems and Management)
  • 5th Semester (Digital Media)
  • 2/3 semester (Master)
  • Final thesis phase (After consultation with the faculty and the partner university it would be possible to start work on the Bachelor Report abroad)

Important deadlines

Application period via our online-application systems ends 8th. Januay 2023.


Below are the slides and video recording of the information event held on 25th. November 2022:




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